Carboneras-Cabo de Gata?

  • Andalusia is one of the favorite holiday destinations of the northern Europeans, including many retirees who spend a few months in here taking advantage of the proximity of their own country.

  • Among the reasons cited for chosing in Andalusia our visitors talk of the climate with over 300 days of sunshine all year long and the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Another reason is the cost of living in our area, Almeria-Carboneras-Cabo de Gata, which is one of the lowest in the Spanish coast.

  • Our mission

    Accompany retirees and vacationers in their efforts to live temporarily or permanently in the Carboneras area ...

  • Personalized approach

    The situations may appear similar but the realities and the needs of each of you merit a particular attention...

  • Our ressources

    Our personal experiences, our professional knowledge and our contact with the people around us are certainly our greatest assets.